About us

The Organic Farm De Nicolo Maria sees its first stone laid in 1987.

Salvatore (the father), Maria (the mother), Manuel and Alex (the sons) are a farmer family, owners of the company and of the Educational Farm Natura e Gusto.

The farm covers about 35 hectares, on meadows and low mountain pastures (from 600 to 1,100 meters above sea level).

Among the animals bred in the farm there are 8 sheeps, 10 hens, a donkey, 3 geese, 25 rabbits, 6 pigs and 30 bovines (including cows, calves and bulls).

fattoria didattica
fattoria didattica

Among the many crops, lentils, borlotti beans, roveja, chickpeas, cicerchia, spelled, barley, wheat, Cascia saffron born every year; but there are also herbs for hay, such as alfalfa.

Here is our Organic Certificate.