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Love for Nature and for animals is something that you learn since childhood. We were born and grew up here and we learned how to respect nature in every aspect. So we decided to organize educational tours and recreational activities dedicated to schools and families. Also for University Students!

Thanks to the various realities of the Farm, with its Organic Garden, its animals and its other "thousand" attractions in a certified BIO environment, children can immerse themselves in the healthy genuineness of rural life. A joyful and constructive experience to discover the wonders of agriculture and get in touch with its protagonists.

Farm's animals

In our Educational Farm there are many animals, some of them raised in the natural state using strictly organic methods. Children can observe sheep, cows, donkey, geese, hens, rabbits, pigs and many other nice protagonists.

The emotional connection with the animals is an invaluable opportunity to develop a direct relationship with Nature. Children live this experience with enthusiasm and curiosity, learning the importance of the Man-Animal relationship. An essential basis for beginning to understand the deep link between countryside, human work and respect for Environment.

Seasonal activities in the fields and vegetable garden

Dedicated to children of schools or families, the educational activity is a teaching and fun experience.

Taking part at the agricultural activities in the garden and in the fields of the Farm, children learn the dynamics and necessary actions for the production of food. Accompanied by Maria and Salvatore, the children will experience sowing, watering and harvesting, depending on the current season.

An extraordinary journey to discover nature.


Snack could not miss! 

After the guided tour of the farm, the children, the boys and their parents and teachers can taste the fruits of their work: a hearty snack awaits them inside the farm house! Everything they eat is only grown, produced and cooked on the farm.

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