Our Educational Farm aims to convey, to people of all ages, what has been lost for years: beauty, respect and love for agriculture, that here it is seen as the most natural of human activities in the environment around us.


Food tastings give you all and only what the Farm produces: from legumes to pasta, from eggs to saffron, from vegetables produced in the organic garden to seasoned cold cuts, from meat to desserts. It will be for you a unique sensory experience.

fattoria didattica


Chef Alex is the coordinator of the corporate kitchen. He dedicates himself to preparing, in the smallest details, all the dishes of the tastings.
What are you waiting to learn all the secrets of traditional Italian cuisine?

Discover the many experiences you can take in our farm. 
They are suitable for people of all ages!

In our butcher's shop you can find beef and pork meat that we cared for and raised. 

Manuel is at your disposal every
Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Shippings to Umbria, Lazio, Marche, Abruzzo.

Our e-commerce is rich in products, ready to be shipped to every part of Italy and the world. 

They are all organic products, also suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet. Do you already have your mouth watering?

Don't dream, try them!

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